Children’s Book

With this children’s book, the goal was to reflect the style of a coloring book. Simple shapes and bright colors make up the characters, their environments, and decorative elements of the book. Along with the purple haired little boy, children can learn just how lovely the ocean is and how harmless the sea creatures can actually be through friendly character design and unique ink patterns. Each texture was created through a rolling technique and the combining of bright shades. A sans-serif font was chosen, as it is the easiest for a child to read and comprehend without the distraction of overly decorative text.

This book was created in partnership with the Point Loma Nazarene University Children’s Literature class. The short poem involving a boy learning about ocean safety, sharks, and surfing was brought to life.

Client | Self-Initiated

Product | Children’s Book

Typeface | Hand Lettering

childrensbook_websitemockupchildrensbook2childrensbook1childrensbook1 2


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