Creation Care Week

Creation Care Week at Point Loma Nazarene University is a time when students and faculty can bring awareness to environmental issues. This year, the Graphic Design department played an important role in visuals and creating unique ways to display information. Environmental and print designs were created, along with an installation piece and a video. My specific project was a poster that gave facts about wildfires. It is a very illustrative piece that uses type in various styles and shapes. It was displayed in the Love Gallery at PLNU alongside other student posters.

Shown here is the Love Gallery containing our posters, an informative video, and Creation Care Week T-shirts for sudents to take. Sets of stairs throughout the campus were spray painted with facts, while ribbons hanging from an installation piece represented pledges taken by students and faculty.

The colors for this poster eminate the essence of fire without using the literal and expected crimson red, bright orange and yellow; instead using hues of pink. Many hand drawn symbols are seen throughout this piece that represent different bits and pieces about fires.

All of these projects combined made this year’s Creation Care Week one of the most impactful yet. Bringing awareness to these issues will bring our campus to quicker and better solutions.

Client | Point Loma Nazarene University

Product | Poster

Typeface | Hand Lettering





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