Fashion, Beauty, & Lifestyle Blog

The summer before my freshman year of college, I decided to start a fashion blog. I’ve always loved fashion, but never had a way to express it. Through blogging, I incorporate photography, photo editing, writing, and networking all on one platform. My blog has also created a lovely online community of people who can learn about the products I post and who have many of my same interests. I imagined creating a pop-up shop at a retail store like Nordstrom and what kinds of products I would include. These products, my blog, and personal brand are very much tied together and cohesive elements can be seen throughout.

Not only does my blog cover fashion and beauty, but I also write extensively about where I’ve traveled, new restaurants I’ve visited, and various experiences I’ve had throughout my college years.

Client | Self-Initiated

Product | Website & Packaging

Typeface | Minion Pro, Bodoni 72




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