Trends Through the Decades

Trends Through the Decades explores the various styles found in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s. By keeping the format of this publication consistent, it allows for the unique colors and textures to shine through. With the design mirroring a fashion catalog, it gives the viewer an opportunity to learn about each era clearly and precisely. Quotations and references to the icons and music of that time creates a complete picture of that generation, which helped form the fashion and fads of those years.

Each page of Trends Through the Decades has a symbol that represents that era. From psychedelic flowers, to silver glitter, to simple denim, each era has various elements that make it completely unique. Aside from descriptions about each time period, they also have a few facts listed near the bottom that go more in depth. A palette of six colors is listed on each page that is again specific to the generations.

Client | Self-Initiated

Product | Fashion Publication

Typeface | Avenir Next and Bodoni 72





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