Personal Brand

A significant aspect about my personal style is my fascination with the balance between femininity and edge. One of the major themes of my personal brand is the floral pattern. Each petal has been hand painted with watercolor in muted and pastel tones. I chose to leave some sections unpainted, to show linework and to represent the early processes of art that ultimately lead you to your goals. Every step you take and every line you sketch has put you where you are in this moment.

By keeping most of the brand quite minimalistic and black and white, it allows for the flowers to stand out. This can be seen with the postcards: the front is completely black with white type inspired by fashion magazines while the back is bordered by the hand painted flowers. Similar elements can be seen on the letterhead and even on the envelope. I specifically chose soft touch paper for my business cards to represent the softer side of my brand, not to mention this specfic paper definitely appeals to the senses.

Client | Self-Initiated

Product | Branding

Typeface | Avenir and Bodoni 72





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