Locale Lifestyle Magazine

Created flyers for various events for Locale as well as web assets (including Instagram stories, Eventbrite covers, website advertisements, and Leaderbaords)

Designed pages for all markets of magazine (Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Greater Palm Springs). Assisted with review of color proof before final print.

Designed both print and web advertisements for partnering companies. Also involved meetings/calls with partners. Had to receieve/complete ads by deadline and write follow up emails.

Created Step & Repeats, photobooth overlays, and menus for Issue Release Parties/various events. Travelled to attend events in all markets.

Created Instagram logo and Instagram highlight covers monthly for Locale Instagram account depending on the assigned color of the month.

Helped organize the Locale women’s PowerUp event. Interviewed influencers one on one, on stage about their brand and background.




A few of the flyers I created for the Locale events. Each event consisted of a flyer, web ad, In Story ad, Leaderboard (for website), and Instagram story.






The magazines I assisted in designing and putting together.


An ad for the Women’s Power Up event that I assisted in organizing. Ordered signage and worked with the vendors, interviewed Sona Gasparian on stage at the event.
Each issue consisted of the “Localendar,” which is a repeated template, where I stylized the text, organized the information to ensure an aesthetically pleasing page, and placed photos in InDesign.
Each issue also had “Room Essentials” pages, which were also template pages that needed stylization, photo inputting, and organization.
Foodie pages were some of the most complicated, although some of the most beautiful! These pages required great attention to detail, photo inputting, and specific font choices.


Every issue of Locale Magazine has an Instagram section dedicated to a specific content creator. Information from the influencer is inputted and organized so the page looks well put together.
To the right you will see one example of the many ads I created for partners of the magazine. Each ad required communication between myself and the partner to ensure the best ad is used in the magazine.


Locale taught me to maneuver a very fast paced environment and how to communicate effectively with partners. I worked very well with the editors, photoshoot coordinator, events coordinator, and more to ensure beautifully branded events and much more!

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